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Please click button to get slope stability in surface mining book now. Gross stability problem: It refer to large volumes of materials which come down the slopes due to large rotational type of shear failure and it involves deeply weathered rock and soil. A slope is defined as a surface of which one end or side is . 3012, email address: The study of slope stability is an issue of great interest to mining companies worldwide, as well as for roads and slopes nearby communities and infrastructure, among others. Keywords: Slope stability, limit equilibrium, method of slices, Bishop method, factor of safety, Mohr-Coulomb. Tubular piles were used mainly to stabilise the landslide, but monitoring was also carried out on piles at strategic locations within the slope. Hustrulid p48). LaPointe & Elisabeth Price Master Track, grades 5-8 The purpose of this activity is to investigate both slope stability and landslides. 46 3RD STABILI1Y IN SURFACE MINING face. Page 6. The slope strertgth is not merely a function of the strength of the rock constituents, but is limited primarily to the strength of the weakest structural feature and/or lithologic member along which ground movement is unrestrained in the slope. The subsidence of the ground surface increases step by step and will reach the maximum value smax = (0. Control of ground conditions is a key factor in the design and sinking of shafts, as these conditions may vary considerably throughout the length of a shaft and require Geotechnical design considerations for mine shafts Experience has shown that the consequences of damage to shaft systems caused by geotechnical factors are serious and costly. INTRODUCTION. Each of these events represents some type of slope failure. SME, Colorado, pp. The Mavropigi mine has been mined since 2003 and at present the excavated slopes have reached depths The management of risks associated with slope instability is an essential process in the safe and economic operation of open cut mines. This paper analyzes the stability of the @article{osti_131789, title = {Slope stability and stabilization methods}, author = {Abramson, L W and Lee, T S and Boyce, G M and Sharma, S S}, abstractNote = {Slope stability can be a major problem during the construction of surface facilities. Jing Kong The proportion of open-pit mine possession not only coal mining but also other kinds of mining such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal  3. 10. 19-24. 5 billion a year and cause 25-50 fatalities. Stability of permafrost depends on its temperature, moisture content and material type. surface mining operations. The Spokane Research Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is currently conducting research to  methods to open pit mine slope stability has become only relatively common in recent times, a failure surface within the slope, and a conventional factor of safety analyzing overall pit slopes, in Slope Stability in Surface Mining,. 29 The type of mining depends on the proximity of the ore body to the surface. S. pdf), Text File (. The safety and stability of miningslope s vary with mining process and specific requirements. 11. 15383-8 Use of photogrammetric mapping techniques for slope stability For pit slope design, geotechnical data is typically collected by mapping the benches to supplement data collected from boreholes. A flat, shallow crater is fo~d if theJ::e is a shallow depth of burial. slope stability Forces The material’s strength and cohesion Internal friction between grains Any external support of the slope Fig. 2 2020 International Symposium on Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering May 12, 2020 - May 14, 2020. surface mining ground control and slope stability systems in Coal and Metalliferous mining. 13, No. stability component determination classify soil and groundwater Surface Mining: Introduction. The limit equilibrium method is the most common approach for analyzing slope stability in both two and three dimensions. Chapter 3 of the rupture surface, an interpretation of the flow rheology, and parameters such as bulk friction angle and a  (Eds. Read online SLOPE STABILITY IN SURFACE MINING BOOK BY SME PDF book pdf free download link book now. Three major types of mass wasting are classified by the type of downslope movement. , Locat, P. No licensing, legislation or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of Ground Control at Surface Mines Part II Photos used to illustrate highwall hazards and their remediation. H. controlling pit slope stability culminated in the book Rock Slope Engineering (2) and the CANMET Pit Slope Manual (3). The results indicate that the failure mode of the slope was traction sliding failure. In order to verify the results of the slope stability analysis, the conventional D-InSAR technique was used to monitor the surface deformation during the 15110 working face mining (February 17 to March 27, 2017), the mining area are shown by the red line in Fig 1. A common technique to determine slope stability is to monitor the small precursory movements, which occur prior to collapse. Currently, surface deformation and cracks in the reinforcement areas of the relics have become more and more serious. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Enclosure Surface Elevation(ft): 435 Job No. Available at:. g. Available from www. A comparison of limit equilibrium and numerical modelling approaches to risk analysis for open pit mining. They will make you ♥ Physics. 1, pp. A. Additional laws and regulations associated to mining and reclamation can be referenced in the Important Links section of the Handbook. The crater becomes larger in volume as the depth of the charge burial increases, hut beyond the optitllll1ll depth of burial, a decreasingly smaller crater is btoken, and the rock is merely frac­ tured, not ejected. The ‘slope stability radar’ (SSR) has been developed to better manage those risks. 2867, fax: 412. Today, there are several methods for slope stability analysis, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Landslides occur when a rock is not strong enough نام کتاب: Slope Stability in Surface Mining نویسنده: William A. 290-040 SURFACE MINING PERMIT AND RECLAMATION PLAN REQUIRED Any person who proposes to engage in surface mining operations as defined in this Chapter, According to the impact on the slope characteristics, characteristics of underground ore occurrence, underground ore mining, the open pit slope can be separated by engineering geological zoning. of Seismic Events on Slope Stability / Charles E. , 2001 | SME As we enter the 21st century, mines are being planned to reach depths of more than 1,100 meters, waste rock embankments have surpassed 600 meters in height, tailings dams have reached heights of 200 meters, Slope Stability Evaluations by Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Methods Trondheim, April 2006 Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilments of the requirements for the degree of philosophiae doctor in civil engineering. 67 3. Statistics from the U. And it will influence the slope stability, surface mining and transportation safety, bringing a new research topic of surface and underground mining. time dependant slope failure in both the highwall and the (waste) low-wall and take up large surface areas that can cause rehabilitation and transport problems. W A Hustrulid, M K McCarter, Dirk J A Van Zyl. Geometry of the slope. The study area has groundwater level relatively close to surface and causes the slope to be in nearly saturated condition. 8 X. The results of the analysis with critical failure surfaces through the rock mass show that the wall is stable and estimates the factor of safety to be 2. 8. Only be continuously collecting and exchanging information can design concepts, construction methods, monitoring strategies, and reclamation practices keep pace with the times. Control of ground conditions is a key factor in the design and sinking of shafts, as these conditions may vary considerably throughout the length of a shaft and require Slope Stability • The varied topographic features of the earth's surface are possibly only because the shear strength of the soil or rock exceeds shearing stresses imposed by gravity or other loading. Z. 1 Civil engineering 4 1. 107MN034 in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor of Technology Degree in Mining Engineering at the SLOPE STABILITY INVESTIGATION 13964 EL MONTE ROAD, LAKESIDE, CALIFORNIA REMARKS LAB/FIELD. 1 Overall Mine Stability. The Spokane Research Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is currently conducting research to reduce the fatalities associated with slope failures and other unexpected failures of ground. 6 Slope instability. The random finite element method was used to analyze the probability of the rock mass stability degree of both pit slopes and underground stopes SLOPE/W can effectively analyze both simple and complex problems for a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions, soil properties, and loading conditions. it depends primarily on the thickness of the excavated layer h. A brief review of literature shows that the application of numerical stress analysis methods to open pit mine slope stability has become only relatively common in recent times, and that there are as yet no standardized approaches. https://coal. The results of limiting failure surface and factor of safety of slope obtained by Appreciable research on the aspects of slope stability in open pit mining has been carried out during 1960s and 13. This material is intended for use in lectures, presentations and as handouts to students, and is provided in Power point format so as to allow customization for the individual needs of course instructors. Purpose. involve, among others, slope stability analyses based on limit equilibrium methods and finite element numerical SPCC is currently evaluating at a feasibility engineering level the LOM for the next 15 years of mining of the According to the geotechnical information provided from surface mapping and logging of several. Thus, an optimization technique is required to utilize a minimum volume of the rockfill to maintain desired slope stability. 2. 937. Santiago Chile, November 2009 Slope Stability The objective of this paper is to provide a review of the standard components of risk management applied to geomechanics aspects of open pit slope design and performance, and to present these in a practical context for the operating stage of mine development. Slope Stability 2020 will provide a forum for open pit mining and civil engineering practitioners, consultants, researchers and suppliers worldwide to exchange views on best practice and state-of-the-art slope technologies. State of the Art-Rock Slope Stability 2. and Sun Chai Lee 2 Abstract: Geotechnical engineers have long Recognized the seriousness of slope failures, and Numerous methods of slope stability analysis have been developed and are available. 2 Socioeconomic consequences of slope failures 3 1. 5 Sep 2008 for the degree of Master of Science in Mining Engineering Department,. S. 4 Rock-Breaking. 4 Rock slope design methods 8 1. He applies probability techniques in geotechnical engineering to slope failure analysis or strip stability investigations and slope design for coal strip mines and open pit mines internationally. Where an open pit has been in operation for some years, bench faces are often difficult to access and, increasingly, access is being restricted to reduce SLOPE/W can also perform finite element stress-based stability and dynamic stability analyses. . Changes in slope result from terracing for agriculture, cut-and-fill construction for highways, the construction -of buildings and railroads, and mining operations. The Spencer method of slope stability analysis was used to assess the stability of the wall using the same rock mass parameters as in the UDEC analysis. Erosion control is intended to provide surface slope stability to protect the face of the slope and to strengthen portions of the slope below Stability evaluations are regularly achieved in order to measure the safe and efficient design of man-made slope (e. For slopes of 300 m or less, even in “fair” rock structural factors were typically the main constraint on stability, while for weak After a number of years of international collaboration, the LOP produced Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design, which were formally presented to the mining and geotechnical community at the Slope Stability 2009 Conference in Santiago Chile, and have become an important tool within the modern geotechnical engineer’s toolbox. J. pdf. SLOPE STABILITY 1. Permafrost stability of slopes in any mining operation when a complex geotechnical condition exists. View PDF Thus, the stability of the slope decreases. 275 Factors That Influence Mass Wasting Opposing a slope’s shear strength is the force of gravity. "Rules for ensuring the stability of slopes at coal opencast mines" of 1998, while outside. Groundwater table and seepage through the slope. Mohammed Sazid. This engineer manual (EM) provides guidance for analyzing the static stability of slopes of earth and rock-fill dams, slopes of other types of embankments, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and soft rock. 2) Porosity Rocks that have large porosity will absorb water. slope stability in surface mining l sme abril 02, 2019 Estabilidad de Taludes , Geotecnia A medida que entramos en el siglo XXI, se están planeando minas para alcanzar profundidades de más de 1,100 metros, los terraplenes de d Three-dimensional slope stability analysis using laser scanning and numerical simulation Ming Wang a, b, c, Kai Liu, ,, Guiling Yang, and Jun Xieb, aState Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China; Prof. Marian Marschalko and Lubomír Třeslín: Impact of underground mining to slope deformation genesis at Doubrava Ujala 234 them. Oral. , open pit mining, road cuts, etc. See Instructions for Block VIII on reverse side of page. Rock slope stability analyses are routinely performed and directed towards assessing the safe and functional design of excavated slopes (e. Slope Stability, Triggering Events, Mass Movement Hazards Factors that Influence Slope Stability Gravity The main force responsible for mass movement is gravity. The methods of analysis based on by utilizing a 3D slope stability analysis. However, slope stability will sharply decline in the event of an earthquake, thus the influence of mining blasting activities on slope stability needs to be comprehensively analyzed. In: McCarter and Van Zyl (Eds. com/hoek/ corner/Practical_Rock_Engineering. His strong experience includes operating open pits under difficult mining and stability conditions (failures) and underground mining in weak ground conditions. If these activities and facilities are ill-conceiv-ed, or improperly designed or constructed, they based on the "imposed failure surface" approach for slope stability analysis through a circular failure. Ground Stability Videos Browse our collection of Ground Stability videos. 1,a. doc (pdf) (gsz) Page 1 of 6 SEEP/W generated pore-water pressures in SLOPE/W stability analysis 1 Introduction The objective of this illustration is to observe how to use finite element pore-water pressure results in a Monitoring Slope Stability Microseismicity detected and measured behind an open-pit wall and can provide valuable information about the stability of a high wall slope. The results suggest that there is a requirement of dynamic change in the model for accurate slope surface stability analysis. In order to mitigate an unexpected failure of the slope, slope stability studies are  Keywords. 3. With this comprehensive range of features, SLOPE/W can be used to analyze almost any slope stability problem you will encounter in your geotechnical, civil, and mining 5. Bowders, Jr. After analyzed the factors that affect the stability of the slope rock, such as the combination relation between the slope surface and the structure A generalized model for three-dimensional analysis, using the method of columns, is presented. The second is the influence of calculating factor of safety to slope stability and the third aspect is the definition of the slope failure. Dr. Permafrost presents special problems of slope stability. Lectures by Walter Lewin. Methods for analysis of slope stability are described and are illustrated by examples in the appendixes. So, in the Remedial measures for controlling the stability of slope include support and drainage. http://www. Yang, Z. ), Slope Stability in Surface Mining, Hustrulid, SME, Colorado, pp. As we enter the twenty-first century, mines are being pl Fig. Discontinuities and planes of weakness. Long, Seismic and static 3D stability of two-stage rock slope based on Hoek–Brown failure criterion, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2015, 1CrossRef 9 Hisham T. [Use separate sheet(s)where necessary. Wen Sheng Liu. In particular, the ability to observe how a slope responds to mining activities provides operators with insight into how to manage operations while ensuring the safety of all Geotechnical design considerations for mine shafts Experience has shown that the consequences of damage to shaft systems caused by geotechnical factors are serious and costly. Candidate, Mining Keywords: Geomechanics, Slope Instability, Monitoring, Radars, Slope Failure Surface mining operations are immensely affected by the steep design PDF. 3-Dimensional effects on slope stability of high waste rock dumps. Conference Paper (PDF Available) · July 2018 with 2,464 Reads. We have taken the relevant data, and developed a three dimensional slope model using TSLOPE, an innovative software package for slope stability analysis. Jul 12, 2017 · As the mining method is turning from open pit mining to sag by mining, the vertical height of open-pit mine slope continues to increase, the slope deformation and failure mode has close relationship with regional geological structure characteristics and the rock mass structure feature, the stability is influenced largely by rock mass, joints and fissures, and blasting vibration (Qiao and Li 2004). Dec 15, 2019 · Slope stability refers to the condition of inclined soil or rock slopes to withstand or undergo movement. pdf (accessed February. Slope Stability in Surface Mining book. mil/publications/eng-manuals/em1110-2-1902/entire. B-1a. 95) h, i. pdf . com SEEP/W Example File: Seepage and stability. In view of the deformation characteristics of ancient copper mines, the sliding force remote monitoring and warning system based on the constant resistance and large deformation anchor bolt is adopted to continuously monitor the stability of the west slope of the relics. Accidents. Extensive development now includes the construction of the plant, tailings storage facility, storm water dams, waste rock dumps, stockpiles and a mine slope consisting of three exposed benches. 2 Slope Stability Analysis by the Limit Equilibrium Method: Fundamentals and Methods presents basic principles for the safe design of constructed or natural earth slopes. e. This paper is a for natural landslides with a discussion of the state-of-practice in open pit mining. NBEncinas University of the Philippines 2012 Factors and Conditions Topography Remoteness of operations Support infrastructure Availability and cost of skilled labor Climate and altitude Environmental restrictions Groundwater quantities Slope stability and ground conditions Investment risk Blasting restrictions Life of operation Waste rock disposal Slope stability in surface mining. This is especially true when the mine workings are close to a potentially unstable slope. 14. This innovative technology is based on radar technology t o re motely scan pit slopes to Mining Methods-Part II: Surface Mining-Planning and Design of Open Pit Mining Presentation (PDF Available) · March 2010 with 18,455 Reads How we measure 'reads' KEYWORDS: Slope movement, Coal open pit, Slope monitoring, Slope stability, Landslide. Strength of soil and rock. Figure 2 Slope monitoring strategy at PPRust 2. Failures of this type do not necessarily occur along a purely circular arc, some form of curved failure surface is normally apparent. If mixing of coal is important (to meet sales specifications) then long stripping lengths are also problematic in terms of the active mining fronts available for mixing the coal. 0 Department of Minerals and Energy Page 3 of 49 1. Measurement on Ground Based Slope Stability Radar (SSR). , 2001. seeding, mulching, erosion blanket Upward tracking of slopes slows sheet flow Eliminate points of concentrated flow using berms or This should not be confused with 'overall slope angle' which is the angle between the lowest toe and the highest crest inclusive of any haul roads (Slope Stability in Surface Mining; W. 1 Summary of design methods 8 1. English (pdf) · Article in xml format; Article references; How to cite this article; Automatic translation The research has focused particularly on the predicted location of the failure surface, the resulting volume of failure and, most The research is not exhaustive, and there are many other factors that could affect the results of slope stability analyses that were not investigated. The methods used by  Basing on the roof breaking law of mined slope, the calculating method of slope stability coefficient and the minimum width of protecting coal pillar was elicited. usace. Hustrulid  Basing on the roof breaking law of mined slope, the calculating method of slope stability coefficient and the minimum width of protecting coal pillar was elicited. In Fig. EM10 Prof. Stability in Surface Mining. This formal definition of 'overall slope angle' is how we would normally think about the slope of an ordinary hill. Academic Press. DFN based analysis of step path failure pathways for improved slope stability and Open Pit operation from breakthrough to ongoing surface. D. Van Zyl ویرایش: ۱ سال انتشار: ۲۰۰۱ کد ISBN کتاب: فرمت: PDF تعداد صفحه: ۴۴۲ انتشارات: Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Description About Book Slope Stability in Surface Mining From Slope stability in surface mining. 59-70. I INTRODUCTION. pdf,. According to the poor mine slope stability of the surface and underground mining combination and the actual conditions of multi influence factors,taking a surface mine in China as the engineering background,the limit balance and numerical calculation method were applied to the comparison study on the stability between the slope in the single surface mining and the slope of the surface and The slope failure was well documented. Full description New trends in Rock Slope Stability Analyses IAEGbn00. (eds) | download | B–OK. saving slopes stability is tackled and a method proposed. 2 Protection of Mine Accesses/Exits. 69 MB. 1 Factors That Control Slope Stability Mass wasting happens because tectonic processes have created uplift. open pits continuously increase. Mining under an open pit slope results in the collapse and slide of the slope. 3) The water content Water content is very great influence in slope stability analysis. 37. 9. CCR 3704. 1. The first is about the material properties of the slope model. 3 Mining operations. 5 The Impact of Mining Activities on Neighbouring Mines. Fundamentals of slope design 2 Fundamentals of slope design E. 4. Following are different causes of slope failure. m. The forces acting on the Slope stability accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities at U. Whenever the gravitational force acting on a slope exceeds the slope’s shear strength, slope failure Groundwater has its own problems in mining management. [Online]. Earth Systems Engineering). In general, thestability of slope only needs to meet the safety of mining, which ensures the stability in mining production period. surface mining excavations (pits, quarries ). This paper examines the influence of surface topology in the form of concave or convex configurations of a simple and homogeneous modeling scenario to deter-mine the influence of geometry on a 3D slope stability analysis. figure 2. The effective stress principle and basic considerations of slope stability, including design factors of safety, are discussed briefly. , 2009. After the end of mining, Sep 01, 2016 · • Slope stability problem is greatest problem faced by the open pit mining industry. Slope failure, also referred to as mass wasting, is the downslope movement of rock debris and soil in response to gravitational stresses. Therefore, compared with the permanent work of hydroelectric project, mining slope is a kind of . PDF, 204. Monitoring and evaluating of slope stability for setting out of critical limit at slope stability radar Ajay Kumar 1 2 Ritika Rathee 0 0 Department of Computer Science Engineering , VIT, Vellore 632014 , India 1 Department of Mining Engineering, Indian School of Mines , Dhanbad 826004 , India 2 Department of Mining Engineering, National Institute of Technology , Rourkela, Orissa 769008 , India slope stability in surface mining Download slope stability in surface mining or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Keywords: Rock excavation, Safety analysis, Slope stability, Surface mining Introduction The geotechnical study and slope design was RIIMEX602A Establish and maintain surface mining ground control and slope stability systems Date this document was generated: 27 May 2012 Approved Page 2 of 13 slope stability for road and rail cuttings and strip mines, and surface mining geotechnics, including slimes and tailings dam investigation and design. These phenomena usually committed signi cant nancial resources for mining companies, and moreover, may even cause loss of life. Stability of surface slope is a big challenge when underground excavation carried out just below the slope by the conventional drilling and blasting method. Before mining began, the hill was covered in grassland with some surface exposure and trial pits, trenches and adits from previous exploration. Thus, the weight of its contents to be larger so it will reduce the stability of the slope. SLOPE STABILITY AND EROSION CONTROL Slope stability can be generally described as the inherent structural integrity of a slope to resist failure. [SME PDF] Slope Stability in Surface Mining by Hustrulid, William A. 2 Principles of rock slope engineering 4 1. pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File (. The West Virginia Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act 22-3 and the West Virginia Surface Mining Reclamation Regulations 38CSR2 are available for you to read or print directly from the Internet. Permission of the author and publisher is required for any other usage. 2017; 4(1):32-36. 2 Limit equilibrium analysis (deterministic) 11 1. 1 Study area surface Plan  the loss of valuable operating time has a number of slope stability experts wondering mining claim made in the Utah territory was at Bingham Canyon. Detailed pieziometric data at multiple locations and depths within and below the slope will likely be needed, Geotechnical Stability in Surface Mining - CRC Press Book This book presents the proceedings of the international symposium on geotechnical stability in surface mining in Calgary. PDF, 144. SURFACE MINING AND RECLAMATION Adopted August 25, 1998 PLAN ORDINANCE -3- (B) The provision of this Chapter are not applicable to those activities as described in section 2714 of SMARA. large radius surface extending from a tension crack close behind the crest to the toe of the slope (Figure 1). Hustrulid و, Michael K. It was also used in determining the most suitable remedial measure for the critical slope. On a flat surface the force of gravity acts downward. Jan 09, 2016 · Surface mining planning and design of open pit mining 1. . , is evident. Straskraba, Senior Mining Hydrogeologist, Dames & Moore, Denver, Colorado, USA In recent years the increase in development of new open pit mines, especially in the Western U. 3M. Blasting generates huge intensity of dynamic loading in the surrounding rock mass. open pit mining, road cuts, etc. Slope stability is of critical importance in the process of surface-underground mining combination. Determining slope stability in a mining operation is an important task. Harraz Presentation Mining Methods, Surface mining Slope Stability Function of the natural angle of repose, density, surface and subsurface water flow Early stabilization of surfaces is critical i. 6 slides: Surface Slope Failure Photos used to illustrate various types of surface slope failure. a failure surface within the slope, and a conventional factor of safety approach on this surface was used to quantify the stability. Abstract Stability of surface slope is a big challenge when underground excavation carried out just below the slope by the conventional drilling and blasting method. The 150 m wide fault zone hosts many faults spaced 5 Proceedings of the 2020 International Symposium on Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering, published by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (“ACG”). 2 Culmann Aproach to Slope Stability 11. 3 CULMANN METHOD A technique for the calculation of slope stability based upon the assumption of a plane surface of failure through the toe of the slope has been proposed by Culmann (see Taylor, 1948). It provides guidance and essential information for mining and civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and hydrogeologists After a number of years of international collaboration, the LOP produced Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design, which were formally presented to the mining and geotechnical community at the Slope Stability 2009 Conference in Santiago Chile, and have become an important tool within the modern geotechnical engineer’s toolbox. xiii–xvii. Geomorphology 1. ,) and/or the stability conditions of a natural slope. A failure of Fig. Monitoring involved measuring the bending of the tubular piles which was done by placing vibrating wire strain gauges on the upslope and down slope sides of the piles along the length of the pile. slope 2510. 1 Evaluation of the stability of slopes in soil and deeply weathered rock . A. A brief state-of-the-art review of the effects water on slope stability and techniques for analysis is presented. Slope instability is a common and inherent risk to open pit mining and may affect the project’s net present value (NPV). 13. Hoek 203 – 2300 Capilano Crescent North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V7R 4H7 ehoek@mailas. 1. • The scale of slope stability problem is divided in to two types: 1. The endwalls of surface mines will suffer double disturbance of surface mining and underground mining, with the coal mined by the latter. INFLUENCE ON SLOPE STABILITY Roger Holmberg OS 1981 :9 Kenneth Mak i 1981-06-15 Paper presented at the Third International Conference on Stability in Surface Mining arranged by the Society of Mining Engineers of AIME, June l-3, 1981, Vancouver, BC, Canada. , Van Zyl D. sliding, this in turn increases slope stability. at higher level than another; a rising or falling surface. 6 May 2011 slope and dump stability, diffent slope failures, factora affecting slope stanbility, analysis of slope stability, monitoring of slopes, slopes. One of the software’s that can analyze rock slope stability in a nu- Surface- Slope Failure - May 3. Jaboyedoff , M. 21 Oct 2011 Using a case study, this paper presents an integrated methodology for assessing structural slope stability at the inter-ramp Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Université Laval, Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, 1065, The obtained results suggest that inter-ramp angles do not present instability concerns over the entire pit surface. Golden has been made in the field of rock mechanics applied to rock slope stability, the estima- tion of rock mass strength  conditions have changed significantly in surface mining operations, surface mining application with radical upgrading of an open-pit infrastructure. nic. 3 Slope features and dimensions 8 1. In light of the current Covid-19 situation, and in the best interest of public health and the global mining community, the ACG 2020 International Symposium on Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering, 12 – 14 May 2020, will be delivered to symposium delegates via online media facilities, both live and on demand until 17 August 2020. At the time of failure the pit-floor was at 100 m depth below surface. ) is a function of the slope geometry and the soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions. txt) or read book online for free. -X. SURFACE MINING INSPECTION REPORT VIII. The influence of underground mining on pit slope stability was mainly discussed, and the self-stabilization of underground stopes was also studied. In this paper, a combination of methods including Google Earth and field investigations is applied to investigate the process of eastern slope failure induced by underground mining in the Yanqianshan Iron Mine over five years. Gravity is the force that acts everywhere on the Earth's surface, pulling everything in a direction toward the center of the Earth. A slope can be globally stable if the safety factor, computed along any potential Slope Stability Lab D. Examples of common slopes include roads for commercial use, dams, excavated slopes, and soft rock trails in reservoirs, forests, and parks. in mining pits. Apr 09, 2018 · slope materials, maximum water content, and landscaping. It uses finite element computed stresses from either SIGMA/W or QUAKE/W to calculate a stability factor by computing both total shear resistance and mobilized shear stress along the entire slip surface. McCarter و Dirk J. ), Slope. The SSR remotely scans rock slopes to continuously measure any surface movement and can be used to detect and alert users of Slope Stability in Surface Mining. place, the slopes of the remaining mining excavations are exposed to the atmospheric gases, liquids and solids generated by the weather. 3 Sensitivity analysis 14 According to Hartman (2002) many fatal accidents due to slope failure in Nigeria mines indicate the urgent need of conducting slope monitoring for the working benches as well as dumps. 23. 3 Evaluation of the stability of rock slopes in rock masses containing major structural features . The design of too flat of a highwall angle means considerable additional mining costs; the design of too steep of a highwall angle poses additional safety hazards. Mining Surface Mining (cont. ; McCarter, Michael K. Earlier studies present that the analysis and assessment of slope stability should be May 03, 2012 · Slope stability is affected by the following factors. GEO-SLOPE International Ltd, Calgary, Alberta, Canada www. 3 Detailed site  16 Sep 2018 activities may decrease the slope stability, causing land- slides and threatening the safety of people and properties nearby. Slope stability is the process of calculating and assessing how much stress a particular slope can manage before failing. failure 1341. 1 INTRODUCTION The Public Power Cooperation (PPC) operates a number of large open pit lignite mines in Northern Greece (Amyntaio-Ptolemais Basin). verify the data collected about the weathering effects on surface and slope stability. 12691/ajmm-4-1-2. Continuous and discontinuous permafrost (perennially frozen ground) occurs in most of the arctic and subarctic areas. The Spokane Research Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is currently conducting research to reduce the fatalities associated with slope failures. Erosion, driven by gravity, is the inevitable response to that uplift, and various types of erosion, including mass wasting, have created slopes in the uplifted regions. Structural  8 Nov 2013 Irregular Slope Stability in Surface Mines and Its Application. This is to certify that the thesis entitled, “Analysis of Slope Stability for Waste Dumps in a Mine ” submitted by Mr Gorakinkar Das, Roll No. Treatise on Geomorphology. Effect of Underground Blasting on Surface Slope Stability: A Numerical Approach. Slope stability analysis forms an integral part of the opencast mining operations during the life cycle of the project. K. While support can work for small scale slopes, only drainage is feasible for increasing the stability of large scale slopes. Slope monitoring did not reveal any movement in and around the pit. The actual shape of the “circular” slide surface is influ-enced by the geological conditions in the slope mass. However there are additional analysis issues which come up in a 3D analysis. ©Springer  PDF | The issues concerned with slope stability in the open cast mines have come to forefront in the mining operations due to an earlier plain earth surface. Glass \/a>> # Slope stability in surface mining\/span> Slope stability analysis forms an integral part of the opencast mining operations during the life cycle of the project. Slope failure develops when the slope stress exceeds the slope strength. A case in particular is the Aitik open pit mine in northern Sweden, which currently faces the design of the overall slope angles for continued mining toward a depth of around 500 meters. 1, p. Monitoring of displacements, preferably using survey networks, should be carried out routinely in all open pit mining. [ 37] Anon. According to the observed ground deformation features, the geomorphic zone of the eastern of mining blasting activities on slope stability is analyzed. com ABSTRACT The management of the slopes in an open pit mine depends, amongst other things, upon the assessment of the stability of these slopes. When final slopes approach the critical gradient, a Slope Stability Analysis will be required. 98 MB. consrv. pdf Rock Slope Stability Analysis, P Giani, 1992 Conducting a slope-stability analysis in response to these warnings can forestall litigation, keep traffic flowing on busy highways, and perhaps even save lives. Introduction . In Surface mining in arctic regions is characterized by many unique problems. (which define the  and slope stability analysis for the proposed El Monte Sand Mining project that includes sand mining operations. The model is an extension of the two-dimensional general limit equilibrium formulation. How we the purpose of stability calculation is to define a sliding surface that would have the. Stability of slope  22 Aug 2006 Oskar has been involved in open pit planning and design; rock and soil slope stability for road and rail cuttings and strip mines, and surface mining geotechnics , including slimes and tailings dam investigation and design. HOEK  24 Sep 2019 P, Student of Dept of Mining Engineering, College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur,. -L. Slope stability accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities at U. As the use of rockfill is directly related to the cost, therefore, it is necessary to minimize the volume of the rockfill without compromising the required slope stability. A planar failure occurs along a surface where a block moves downwards along a surface. Africa. A study of the impacts of slope angle variations on safety indexes and final pit NPV provides an auxiliary tool for the overall slope angle definition process. stability 1220. It length and 300m in width. Eid , Stability charts for uniform slopes in soils with nonlinear failure envelopes, Engineering Geology , 2014 , 168 , 38 CrossRef Mar 24, 2016 · For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011 - Duration: 1:01:26. pdf [accessed 20 October 2010]. In Indian mining conditions, slope design guidelines are yet to be formulated for different types of mining practices and there is a growing need to develop such guidelines for maintaining safety and productivity. epa. 2 Open pit mining slope stability 5 1. (2000) Rock mass properties for surface mines. ) and/or the equilibrium conditions of natural slopes. Download books for free. The derivations and effects of seepage forces and rapid (1999). army. Slope Stability, Limit Equilibrium Method, Open Cast Mines, Factor of Safety, Wardha Valley Coal Field. doi: 10. government say landslides cost an average of $3. In other instances, a SLOPE/W limit equilibrium stability analysis alone is inadequate. in/sites/ upload_files/coal/files/coalupload/chap6AnnualReport1617en. Type of soil and stratification. AnJiaLing surface mine  at different mine sites. Cutting into existing ground disturbs the mechanics of the surrounding area, which can result in to find slope stability analysis of embankment under dry,wet,with reinforcement conditions. [Accessed 20 November 2016]. American Journal of Mining and Metallurgy. 7 Other aspects to be addressed. geo-slope. These failures are a result of a large-scale fault zone that cross-cuts the entire west wall (Little, 2005). Find books The stability of a slope is essentially controlled by the ratio between the available shear strength and the acting shear stress, which can be expressed in terms of a safety factor if these quantities are integrated over a potential (or actual) sliding surface. Estabilidad de Taludes , Geotecnia A medida que entramos en el siglo XXI, se están planeando minas para alcanzar profundidades de más de 1,100 metros, los terraplenes de d pressure results in SLOPE/W makes it possible to look at the changes in stability with time. ca. Title from PDF title page (viewed on May 30, 2012). All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. 8 May 2016 Slope Stability in Surface Mining. The purpose of this paper to Download SLOPE STABILITY IN SURFACE MINING BOOK BY SME PDF book pdf free download link or read online here in PDF. Richings 15. 2 the line QS represents a plane potential failure surface. hours of operation)do not need to be notedhere. It is recognised that open pit mining experience and professional judgement are important aspects of literature, natural outcrops, existing surface and underground excavations, chip and diamond drilling (for weight of the rock mass*, the geometry of the wall/slope and the potential modes of failure. Stability of the. economical mining operations. Important aspects in slope stability analysis In this section, three major aspects that influence slope stability analysis are discussed. In Indian mining conditions, slope design guidelines are yet to be formulated for different types of mining practices The slope stability radar is an innovative technology which has recently been adopted by the mining industry. The types of movement, falls, slides, and flows, will be covered and how it may relate to slope stability, surface soil erosion, or sedimentation. 1 Backfilling required for surface mining operations for metallic Geotechnical Considerations in Open Pit Mines Version 1. Case Examples of Stability in Surface Mining State of the Art The Role of Slope Stability in the Economics, Design and Oper­ ation of Open Pit Mines-An Update, Michael R. cut slopes is crucial for the safe and. As a result, underground mining is often used. ( Whitehead and pit surface, ferromagnesian minerals have been replaced and make up Mining Site: http://www. Landslides - Each landslide that could pose a significant risk to public health and safety, listed species or their environments, water quality, or public lands, and that may be adversely affected by proposed timber harvesting activities should There has been disappointingly little development in the analysis of rock slopes in open pit mines over the past 30 years. rocscience. The beneficial effect of reinforcement was then 374 JULY/AUGUST 2003 The Journal of The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Figure 1—Case study data on overall pit slope angle versus slope 1. Slope stability is one of the major sources of risk, and hazards arise in several ways, from an incomplete knowledge of geological conditions, and an incomplete knowledge of damage caused by mining processes, or an inadequate execution of work procedures. Recommended for you Slope Stability Analysis Geotechnical Design Manual M 46-03 Chapter 7-4 December 2006 Slope Stability Analysis Detailed assessment of the groundwater regime within and beneath the slope is also critical. slope design parameters are bench height, overall slope angle and area of failure surface. SLOPE STABILITY The main slope stability concern at PPRust is stack failure on the western wall in Sandsloot open pit. parameters on the safety factor. Stability Analyses of the Mine West Slope . A wedge forms when two intersecting surfaces (  ASCE PressBook set: Slope StabilityISBN (print): 978-0-7844-1288-6ISBN (PDF): 978-0-7844-7800-4 appropriate choice for assessing the stability of retaining walls, shallow and deep foundations, earth and rock dams, surface mining sites,   A conference paper is in review for the 2015 Slope Stability conference in Cape Town, South. gov/pub/dmg/rgmp/Prelim_geo_pdf/san_vicente_layout_highres. With the increasing depth of surface mining excavations, the problem of stability of slopes is becoming a major concern for the mining engineers. The Metal-Nonmetal Monitor, 2000 Fatal. Description of the book "Slope Stability in Surface Mining 2000": As we enter the twenty-first century, mines are being planned to reach depths of more than 1,100 meters, waste rock embankments have surpassed 600 meters in height, tailings dams have reached heights of 200 meters, and heap leach facilities have topped 150 meters. 5. Full Text: | Restricted Access (PDF views: 4) A. 29 Nov 2017 Study of Slope Stability (Open Pit Mining, Algeria). c. Introduction This model needs to be refined during the mining process by calibrating the observed slope deformation Crack Extensometers - Surface crack extensometers are used to monitor changes in the distance between  2Associate Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering, University of Arizona, Arizona, USA. Due to the advantage of removing the underground goaf hazards and preventing surface subsidence,  Keywords: slope monitoring, slope stability radar, inclinometer, extensometer, displacement. Widen the area to ensure slope stability as pit deepens. The SAR data used in this analysis comprised Sentinel-1A images acquired on of a slope govern its stability. The four common or ‘standard’ mechanisms of slope failure that have been used as the basis for slope stability analysis and slope design for many years are plane failure, wedge failure, shear failure on a circular or curved failure surface, and toppling failure (Wyllie and Mah, 2004). 0 INTRODUCTION The potentially hazardous nature of open pit mining requires the application of sound geotechnical engineering practice to mine design and general operating procedures, to allow slope stability in surface mining l sme 10:25 p. Introduction Slope stability analysis forms a critical part of any open pit mining operations during the life cycle of a mining project. slope stability definition & determination guideline february 2014 3/8 procedure for establishing stability component of total setback stability component (s. This hardcover edition gives a brief history of surface mining and a general overview of the state of surface mining today--topics range from production and productivity to technological developments and trends in equipment. International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment: Vol. The reclamation plan shall specify slope angles flatter than the critical gradient for the type of slope materials. 3. The middle and lower oil shales play a key role in the stability of the slope. ; Van Zyl, Dirk J. stability analysis of slope. Slope Stability in Surface Mining | Hustruld W. Numerical analyses methods are the most common ones that are used for rock and soil slope analyses. Subsequently the paper took the united mining practice of. The critical angle Surface mining requires huge amounts of material to be removed – highly mechanized. Surface mine planning involves many widely different disciplines, ranging from geostatistics to mining economics. The exercise consists of creating sand and gravel "mountains", measuring slopes, and testing the effects of water on slope stability. Subsequently the paper took the united mining practice of AnJiaLing surface mine  Slope stability accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities at U. , McCarter M. TSLOPE is able to carry out 3D limit equilibrium analysis of columns overlying a shear failure surface. An earth slope is an un supported, inclined surface of a soil mass. O'Neill. Society for Mining. 8 to 0. Mining equipment which piles on the benches of the open pit mine gives rise to the increase in surcharge which in turn  4 Jan 2018 stabilization. Full Text; PDF (15747 K) PDF-Plus (1113 K) Citing articles; Deterministic and probabilistic stability analysis of a mining rock slope in the vicinity of a major public road — case study of the LAB Chrysotile mine in Canada Drainage Control for Surface Mines 22 Some Technical Aspects of Open Pit Mine Dewatering by V. Rock slope stability and the design of the appropriate slope angle is extremely important for surface mining in these difficult economic times. 4 Shape of slip surface and critical failure surface . pose a safety and health concern to humans and has the potential to damage the mining equipment, and disrupts mine business plans for the surface mines. Harraz Presentation Mining Methods, Surface mining. Rajasthan Abstract - Slope stability analysis is important in any opencast coal mines. pdf Surface – Slope Failure – On April 18, 2018, a front-end loader operator observed that a portion of the "dirt dump" or refuse pile located on the top rim of the quarry had sloughed and the material had slid down to multiple benches below. Investigation, Research, and Design for Stability in Sur­ face Mining 3. Wedge failure. C. A revised configurations consistent with the requirements of the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act, County Survey, ftp:// ftp. This SME classic is both a reference book for the working engineer and a textbook for the mining student. Middle East This study presents the results of slope stability analysis for the soil slopes at 2. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science ( Mining and. This unit is appropriate for those working in management or technical specialist roles. Small changes in the overall pit slope angle have large consequences on the overall economy of the mining operation. Failure can occur as slides, cracks and slope movement. Pore water pressure can cause uplift force and reduce the strength of the rock mass forming slopes and affect the slope stability. The text tries to present the three-dimensional effect of the slope by the three-dimensional model, and takes the example of Jilinguole 2 strip mine irregular three-dimensional slope, researching the three-dimensional model method of the irregular slope stability by AUTOCAD and ANSYS, founding the FLAC3D. Refer to itemnumbers below] CAMINE ID # 91-PotentialReclamation Plan Requirements: Excess Spoil Minimization and Fill Stability Peter Michael1 and Mike Superfesky2 1Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, 3 Parkway Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, phone: 412. With these books providing a technical basis the process of pit slope design was developed. 2. Introduction Slopes of mines and quarries, some of which may reach several hundred meters deep, must be regarded as "geotechnical works" in the sense that we speak of mine works or civil engineering works. Guidelines for Evaluating Water in Pit Slope Stability offers slope design practitioners with a road map that that will help them decide how to investigate and treat water pressures in pit slopes. SIGMA/W stresses in SLOPE/W There are many geotechnical cases where it is desirable to not only perform a deformation analysis, but also to look at stability. The Author confirms that he/she is the sole owner of all copyright in the Work (including diagrams, He has undertaken operational support/project evaluations in a number of open pit/underground mining operations/projects, in Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America. On the basic of Slope Stability in Surface Mining documents the progressive rise in technical understanding and sophistication in the field. The symposium deals with the full gamut of mine equipment development, selection and utilization. Keywords: Slope stability, open pit mining, numerical modeling, rock mass strength, failure mechanisms. The failure of a mass of soil located beneath a slope is called as slide. The stability condition of slopes is a subject of study and research in soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. ) Open Pit – waste continues to be stripped off during operation. 1 Introduction Computation of factor of safety against failure and location of the critical failure surface forms the basis of the current practice of stability analysis of slopes in civil and mining engineering, whether METHOD TO ANALYZE THE STABILITY OF SLOPES ON RECLAIMED SURFACE MINES 1 John J. , Couture, R. 3 35 1 Open-pit slope failure case study groundwater problems A slope failure occurred at the Cleo Open Pit (Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, Western Australia) in December 2000. It fails in a circular manner as the slope dimensions are substan-tially greater than the dimensions of the rock fragments. Keywords: slope stability, slope design, engineering geology, fault, open pit mines, SOMAIR uranium mine, OCP phosphate mine 1. Construction activities such as excavation of slopes and filling of slopes. If the intensity of dynamic loading is high, then it may be one of the reason for the triggering of instability in the surface structures. Non-SMARA facility operations conditions solely of local concern(e. I. Slope stability analyses include static and dynamic, ana ve changes in slope and in surface-water and ground-water regimes. gov/aml/tech/kennecott. slope stability in surface mining pdf

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